Buoyhelps you focus

Pick your poison

Pick apps you want to focus on.
All other apps are off-limits.

Meaningful insights

Buoy displays stats that matter

offline-first, like everything else

Total Focus
3012 h
Success Rates
86.2 %
This Week
12 h

Keep distractions at bay

Buoy alerts you as soon as you leave one of your focus apps. You have 10 seconds to hop back in.

Buoy induces flow state



Set a timer, and focus. Complete it, or fail.

mac finder icon
mac finder icon
mac finder icon

Made for Mac

Built natively for
MacOS, Buoy lives in your menu bar


Activity Tracking

tracks your idle time, just like your boss

Coming soonish

Big ones

iOS companion app

browser extension

Right now, Buoy helps you focus on MacOS. We want to extend this functionality to incorporate other sources of distraction. That‘s why we‘re building an iOS companion app that locks down your phone, and a browser extension that keeps track of currently focused websites.

Minor stuff

Buoy is working great, but we‘re thinking some QOL changes like keyboard shortcuts, customization, and deeper insights would make it even better.

How is it free?

Collaborating with clients at adlerlagune gives us the resources to develop and offer innovative products like buoy for free. Interested in working with us or curious about our projects?
Visit our website.